About Us

The Hadland School

offers classes to children in ballet, modern theatre, tap and drama as well as adult classes in tap. Classes take place after school on Monday – Thursday evenings, and all day Saturday.

Lesley Hadland (A.I.S.T.D. Dip.) is responsible for all the dance classes,. The Hadland School of Dance and Drama offers classes for 3 year olds to adults.  The youngest students imaginatively explore ballet through simple exercises, stories, songs and improvisation.  Adults enjoy a very popular tap classes challenging the brain and exercising muscles.  All classes are accompanied by experienced and versatile pianists.  The focus of the teacher is the class, not selecting appropriate music tracks from CD’s;  thus developing an appreciation of music as well as dance.

Miss Francesca Giles-Sweet  heads the Drama Department.  Miss Giles-Sweet has several years experience of teaching Drama,.  She will offer children from 8 years old a wonderful opportunity to broaden their imaginative and creative potential through a wide range of activities inspiring self-confidence, performance skills and their knowledge of stagecraft technique in a happy, safe environment. Children will be encouraged to express ideas and feelings through drama, developing a wide range of collaborative and social skills.

It is to be remembered that ballet training is a slow process.  There are no rules which dictate that at a certain age a child must be at a certain level.  Ballet places demands not only on the body but also on the maturity and mental capacity of all dancers at every level.  A teacher’s role is to ensure that the children are ready to cope with the work they may be undertaking to their best possible ability.